Macbeth Unethical Character Analysis

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To be an ethical person you must do good, never be harmful to others, be fair, know right from wrong and most importantly be truthful. The play Macbeth written by William Shakespeare, illustrated to the reader that being an unethical person leads to bad consequences. In the play, the protagonist Macbeth is characterized as inherently unethical. Macbeth is unethical because of his actions within the story. He is known for doing whatever it takes to become king of Scotland, even kill the leading king who he normally should respect and protect but to fulfill that desire, we see that he does none of those things, because of the horrible choice made by Macbeth and Lady Macbeth his wife, they both plan to kill the king. The relationship between …show more content…
After killing king duncan, the emotions Macbeth feels after leads to him saying " will all great neptune 's ocean wash this blood clean of my hand " this is one of the many important quotes in the story that emphasizes the guilt he felt after his murderous act. Eventually the guilt seemed to have diminished, what he will do throughout the story proves that he is a man who is blinded by the strong desire to have power and nothing will stand in his way he will show no weakness and no remorse. After killing King Duncan and becoming king, Macbeth kills two guards and accuses them of the murder of King Duncan he then says this quote " I do repent me of fury that killed them" making others believe that he killed the guards out of anger for the death of his leader, but the truth is he needed to make sure no one would find out about the real events that took place in the death of Duncan. That yet did not seem to be enough, he then receives another prophecy from the three witches who throughout the story symbolize the evil in macbeth that is shown after the prophecies were …show more content…
Ending the life of Macduff 's family led to nothing but anger causing him to lash out and take macbeth 's life. Macbeth should have been happy, but the pressure of his wife lady Macbeth also played a part in the death of one important man in the play, Duncan. He betrayed the king, Scotland his friend and Macduff just for more power and security. It wasn 't enough being Thane Of Cawdor and thane of Glamis, that bit of power and influence over the people that Macbeth had, needed to be

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