Maasai Girls Analysis

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Maasai boys and Maasai girls are raised in two different ways. The boys are raised to be warriors. The girls are raised to be mothers.
2. Explain why Ntaiya was able to go to school as a young girl. What kind of life did her mother lead?
Ntaiya was able to go to school as a young girl because her mother had not gone to school. Ntaiya’s mother did not want Ntaiya or her siblings to live the life she was living. Ntaiya’s mother made sure that Ntaiya was able to go to school because she had not and she did not want her daughter to grow up without an education, as she had. Her mother led a hard, unfair life. She worked hard and grew crops so that the family could eat. She cared for goats and cows. Her husband was a police officer in the city, who would come home once a year.
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In Turere’s community, they believe that they came from heaven with their animals and all the land needed to herd them. For this reason, Turere and his community greatly value their livestock. Turere grew up hating lions because they killed the livestock that was of such great value to him, his family, and his community. In addition, one morning he woke up to find the only bull that his family had killed by lions. This also upset him.
2. In what way did the lions initially manage to outsmart Turere?
First, Turere tried to use fire to scare the lions but that actually helped the lions see through the cowshed. Then, he tried to use a scarecrow to make the lions think that he was standing guard outside the cowshed. The first day it worked, but soon after the lions figured out that the scarecrow was not a real person, because it was not moving, and went back to killing the livestock. In this way, the lions initially managed to outsmart Turere. They realized that the scarecrow could not do anything to them.
3. Explain how Turere eventually figured out what would keep the lions away. Describe his

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