Lying Essay: Academic Dishonesty

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Academic Dishonesty
“Lying is a basic human reaction, and this is the class where we study it.” Dr. Renholds pauses. “We lie to keep people safe from nasty truths; just like when your Daddy told you that Fifi went to live on a farm upstate. We call these lies White Lies, and for the most part they are harmless. We use them to maintain the status quo of our lives and emotions.”
He turns away from his podium, and reaches up to the old dusty chalkboard. The remnants of past lectures remain smeared across the grey-green slab of slate. Renholds is a man that is made to work in academia. He is on the shorter side of five foot six and with a wide frame. His face is round, and his sunken eyes hid behind his glasses, fixed into a slight squint from
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and is half listening to Dr. Renholds, half flipped through the pages of the syllabus with one hand. His chin is placed in his palm with his long fingers running up his cheek . He has curly black hair and a gaunt figure, though it is his face that is most notable about him. Not for attractive reason, but for how uncanny he looked. His eyes are green and draw attention away from is large and pointed nose. The nose Draws attention away from his thick black frame glasses, and the glasses draw attention away from the glass eye Erin had sitting in the left side of his skull. He had gotten it after a line drive hit him in the eye while he is playing third base. His face is like a never ending mobius strip of …show more content…
Once the majority of the people left, he stood up and walks to his advanced electronics class where he sat in the back. He is still enthralled by Renholds’ lecture. He sat there are debating if and how he should cheat. He went back and forth constantly never landing on a solid plan of action. The mental debates continue for days, then weeks, and before he came to a decision, the midterm came. He really did not take the time to prepare, neither the legitimate, nor the illegitimate were looking hopeful. All he could do at this point is to wing it and see what

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