Lvs Strategy Essay

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Las Vegas Sands
A Company and Industry Analysis

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Executive Summary | 1 | Company Overview | 2 | External Environment | 2 | Internal Environment | 4 | Acquisitions, Restructuring and Cooperative Strategies | 6 | Business-Level Strategy of Las Vegas Sands in the U.S. | 6 | Corporate- Level Strategy of Las Vegas Sands in the U.S. | 11 | International Business-Level Strategy of Las Vegas Sands | | Macau | 14 | Singapore | 17 | Bibliography
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They would seem to have strong ties with its customers, especially Asian high rollers, when analyzing based on reach, richness and affiliations. Las Vegas Sands’ business level strategy in the U.S. has been identified as focused differentiation. Their corporate level strategy has been identified as both related constrained and related linked diversification to achieve economies of scope. For both of these strategies, we have concluded that they are the best choices given the context of the internal and external environments in which the company operates. We have also recommended on how to improve on the strategies.
We have also analyzed the International business level strategies for Las Vegas Sands in Macau and Singapore. Macau is pursuing the broad differentiation while Singapore is using the focused differentiation. The difference in strategies is due to the strict political-legal environment set by the Singapore government. We have concluded that the strategies taken in each country are appropriate and also recommended on how to improve their current positions.
From our research, we found no substantial information about Las Vegas Sands acquiring, restructuring or entering cooperative agreements with other companies. As such, we have left out the analysis of strategies for these 3 components. * 1. Company Overview
Las Vegas Sands (LVS) is a hotel, gaming and resort development company and along with its subsidiaries, it

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