Essay on Lung Cancer Is The Leading Cause Of Death From Cancer

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Lung cancer is described as a disease in which cancer cells form in the tissues of the lung. In the United States, lung cancer is the leading cause of death from cancer. In 2016, there has been an estimation of 224,390 new cases of lung cancer, and the estimated number of deaths from the disease is 158,080 deaths. The number of deaths among women with the disease is increasing. Lung cancer is much more common among older people. According to statistics at, “About 2 out of 3 people diagnosed with lung cancer are 65 or older, while less than 2% are younger than 45. The average age at the time of diagnosis is about 70.” [, “What Is Lung Cancer - Non-Small Cell? Key statistics for lung cancer” N.p., 02/08/2016. (]
Non-small cell lung cancer and small cell lung cancer are the two main lung cancer types. The names for these types of cancer come from the way the cells look underneath a microscope. Of these two cancers, non-small cell lung cancer is the more common cancer. Lung cancer is primarily caused by smoking tobacco. Other causes of lung cancer are exposure to second hand smoke, family history of lung cancer, radiation therapy treatment for either the breast or the chest, exposure to asbestos, chromium, nickel, arsenic, soot, or tar in the workplace, living in an air polluted area, being infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and others. Symptoms of both types of these cancers include: chest discomfort or pain, coughing that…

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