Lululemon Athletica Analytic Essay

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Case Analysis #1 Problem Essay
Lululemon Athletica Inc
Samuel Ellison
Presented for: Professor Kannangara
Sunday, March 6th, 2016


Lululemon Athletica Inc., founded in 1998 in Vancouver by Chip Wilson, is a company which designs and produces high-end yoga and technical athletic clothing. They have operated primarily in North America and Australia; their initial target customer was an educated woman who lives an active and healthy lifestyle. They opened their first store in Kitsilano in BC in November, 2000. The first store was intended to act as a community hub where people could learn and discuss about the physical aspects and mental aspects of a healthy life, in addition to selling yoga clothing.
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Sociocultural: The market for activewear has been bolstered by the movement in society towards active and healthy lifestyles(Back on Track, 2013). The number of people within North America engaged in yoga continues to rise. Additionally, consumers are increasingly worried about the ethical production of the goods they purchase. This should be applied to the revival after the incidents in 2013 - embrace that Lululemon is still considered one of the top athletic apparel companies. Demographic: The aging population presents an opportunity for sports apparel companies. The youth sports apparel market is very well served, while older active segments of the population are underserved. The men’s athletic apparel market segment present a large growth opportunity for Lululemon. As mentioned previously, after looking at the case one of the new markets they need to venture into is Mens Clothing. Technological: The emergence of online shopping has enabled clothing retailers to reach a much wider market(Thomas & Peters 2015). The increasing prevalence of social media has presented new ways for companies to advertise and spread brand awareness. New advanced high tech materials are a possible source of competitive advantage for apparel companies. Lululemon Athletica should focused on a new social media approach in general. For example their website, Facebook, and Twitter. Maybe even venture into new ever-growing

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