Essay about Lowering The Drinking Age Worth Debate

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Why not eighteen? Eighteen is an important age; it is when one becomes an adult. It is now legal to vote, buy cigarettes, go to clubs, and do everything else that any adult can do. Hold on, that is not true, purchasing of alcohol is still illegal. Up until 1984, eighteen year olds were able to drink and purchase alcohol legally. Any college student could go to a party and drink all they want and not get punished for it by the law. Police officers could walk through a party and not have to arrest anyone for drinking. The only thing the officers had to check was any disturbances or fights that might have been going on. President Ronald Reagan changed all that when he passed the Federal Uniform Drinking Age act of 1984 which increased the age to twenty-one (EDITORIAL: Lowering the drinking age worth debate). Since then, there has been large debate over whether or not it should be changed back to eighteen, keep it at twenty-one, or even increase it to twenty-five. The drinking age limit should be lowered to eighteen because they are legally an adult, students at universities will drink anyway, and eighteen is the age limit just about everywhere else in the world. The Federal Uniform Drinking Age Act of 1984 passed by President Ronald Reagan increased the drinking age to twenty-one. It stated that each state had to embrace the drinking age as twenty-one for five years. If the states did not comply then the federal highway funds for that state would be cut. By 1988 all fifty…

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