Persuasive Essay On Keeping The Drinking Age

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So you just turned eighteen. New doors are opening and freedom is just exploding out of you. Wooh! You now have the opportunity to do almost anything, well except purchase alcohol. All thanks to the National Minimum Drinking Age Act, requiring U.S. states to raise the age for purchase and possession of alcohol to twenty-one. Drinking is one of the most common social activities in America and this act has been plaguing our youth since 1984 and continues strong to this day. The sad truth is; this law does more harm than good as those underage find new ways every day to get around the law. Approximately ten million underage kids have reported they’ve consumed alcohol before and the law is only leading teens to innovate new methods to get their hands on it. Some partake in …show more content…
We wouldn’t have to forge and falsify identities to purchase liquor and enter clubs and bars. Fake IDs have played a vital role to American adolescence ever since the National Minimum Drinking Age Act was passed. I don’t know a single person aged eighteen to twenty that doesn’t own one. With these fake IDs however, comes potential trouble: if caught with one you can possibly get arrested, charged with a misdemeanor or even a felony if caught in certain states. And imagine the feeling of gratification our youth experiences when we’re successful getting around this law, it only makes us want to do it more. If the drinking age were lowered, we also wouldn’t have to drink in secret, we’d be able to legally enter clubs and bars where would we could drink in a much safer and monitored environment as opposed to dorms and frat houses. Lowering the drinking age to eighteen would save those of age the trouble of having to engage in criminal behavior and would draw them out into more controlled environments to drink, reducing crime rates as well as alcohol-related injury and death

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