Lower Incidence Musculoskeletal Saes And Aes And Infectious Disease Aes On Lovaza

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In conclusion, higher exercise capacity is associated with less inflammation in both men and women. Sex differences in the relation between exercise and inflammation may be related to differences in baseline characteristics. These results support counseling both men and women to maximize exercise capacity to potentially lower inflammatory status with the goal of preventing cardiovascular events.

These results were presented as an Oral presentation at the American Heart Association EPI/NPAM Meeting, March 21, 2014, San Francisco, CA: Elajami TK, Morteza A, Avila MD, Vetter JA, Welty FK. Higher Exercise Capacity Predicts Lower Levels of Inflammation in Both Men and Women with Coronary Artery Disease.

Effect of Lovaza on QT interval: Our results show that those on Lovaza had a significantly shorter QT interval than those in the control group. This analysis is ongoing.

The following summarizes the key findings we have outlined above:
• Lower incidence musculoskeletal SAEs and AEs and infectious disease AEs on Lovaza
• Lovaza – better physical and total function by WOMAC
• Lovaza – lower levels of inflammatory markers - WBC, neutrophils and MCR
• ITT- No effect on coronary plaque
• Lovaza lowers TGs
• Lovaza attenuates progression of MCR in diabetics and has additional benefit to ACE/ARB
• Lovaza improves cognitive function
• Nutrition counseling – no sustained weight loss
• METs associated with WBC, neutrophils and monocytes in men and MCR in women

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