Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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Be responsible, stay protected. One can already assume from the previous statement that the topic is sex. The most imminent danger that sex can bring is sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs. A sexually transmitted disease is a contamination passed from person to person through sexual intercourse, by contact with blood, or from mother to child. Chlamydia, Syphilis, HIV/AIDS, Herpes, and Gonorrhea are some of the better known sexually transmitted diseases. However, there are more than twenty different types of sexually transmitted diseases. Gonorrhea, also known as the clap, is where the focus will be throughout this paper. One will be given the insight into the cause, the signs and symptoms, the pathophysiology, the diagnostic tests, the …show more content…
The primary complication for women is with childbirth. Some women may become infertile due to Gonorrhea. This happens when the fallopian tubes become irritated and inflammatory diseases enter the tubes. The fallopian tubes may even close entirely from the pus and other irritations blocking the sperm from entering into the necessary areas for reproduction. While not all women will be infertile, many will face a difficulty with becoming pregnant. This is because of the pelvic inflammatory disease many women, positive for Gonorrhea, will contract. If a woman does become pregnant, complications will continue. Still births are highly possible. Along with that, a fetus has a higher risk of a premature birth. If the fetus does not experience the previous difficulties, it has more to face upon its arrival to the world. When the fetus exits the birth canal, it will be exposed to Gonorrhea and has a high probability it will also have the disease. The baby may show symptoms shortly after birth. It can affect the child’s eyesight, blood, and other body systems. Men may also have a difficult time with reproduction. While women face infertility, men face epididymitis. Men and women are both at risk for gonococcal infections. The gonococcal infection was mentioned before as the infection able to adapt to and resist all medication. This is why gonococcal infections are perilous. Another complication is that those that face Gonorrhea are more likely to have or contract the HIV virus that leads to AIDs. Gonorrhea is not a disease to take lightly, it is imperative to protect one’s body and be aware of the signs and symptoms of Gonorrhea. Any person sexually active should take extensive measure to stay protected and safe from

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