Love, Sex, And Money ' The Talk ' Essay

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SHUGA; Love, Sex, and Money “THE TALK”
Pick out a SINGLE IMAGE / MOMENT of sexuality or violence from film or TV that had a memorable impact on you before the age of 12. In your essay, discuss that image and the effect it had on you at the time and continues to have on you today.
At the beginning of 2009 a Kenyan production series “Shuga” was gaining quite a peculiar popularity among the teenagers and youths in Nairobi city. Parents were also on the forefront arguing that the series was too explicit for their teenagers and the even so-called young adults it was initially meant for. Around this time I had just turned 14 years and the desire to watch this film was burning in me like hot pepper soup. Off course all the girls in my class had watched the film or had had a glimpse of one of the episodes; they were talking about it so often.
I had been brought up in search a conservative household with strict rules and adhered regulated time of sleeping, eating and even watching the Television. This meant I would watch programs only meant for my age and only at a particular time though rarely I would have sneak picks of PG 13 movies, nothing much happened in them. Most were censored and some sexual images blurred. My encounter with sexual images came later on when I turned 14 years of age as a result of media, advertisement and interaction with my peers at school.
Kenyan televisions have been having a programming trend of showing Mexican soap operas and telenovela films which…

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