Love Is More Thicker Than Forget Poem Analysis

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Grice’s Maxims and Literature Language contains many rules to construct its structure , this occurs naturally and spontaneously which existed in the real world , language has rules we cannot overpass them . conversational text generally should be completed in the Language range scale . Whether semantically , grammatically , phonologically etc……… any conversationalist predisposed to cooperate for giving exact information then being relevant and clear , But sometimes many wide ways occur to violate this rules like what happens in literature to create esthetic effects on the text then reaching the implicature . This research will include an explanation about theory which proposed By the …show more content…
from the title "Love is more thicker than forget"( cummings,1958)we noticed that the poet is deviating from ordinary writing , he ignores the capitalize in his writing to create effectiveness on an audience . on the other hand , how the poet describes love is thicker , love is an emotional expression but the word thicker is described to a touched things , his choosing this word means that cummings has another meaning in his mind. he materialized love for certain purpose maybe to create a new meaning . briefly he broke the maxims of Grice to not give the exact meaning, the poet here is not real , he broke the rule of cooperative principle which the author should follow it . he is untrue in giving information , irrelevant according to the maxim. In the third line when he said "more seldom than a wave is wit" he makes semantic deviation to break the maxim of quality . In the fifth line when he said "It is most made and moonly” (cummings,1958) he deviated the levels of syntax and morphology . and he said "less bigger than the least begin" (cummings,1958) this is syntactic deviation and breaking the rule of words order because he used adjective instead of using verb . he broke the rules of structure (syntagm )which contribute to its meaning . by Grice’s maxims this is not suitable but in literature this is an ordinary to make foregrounding because of literature refers to the own imaginary world of author. he used defamiliarisation device (an exaggeration in familiar rules to become artistic). In this poem the poet violated the rules to attract attention on the audience , he makes the text strange , he uses rhyme and rhythm to become artistic , he draws attention to some property of the language itself which is called highlights or foregroundings . In this text cummings breaks the maxims of Grice by using artistic devices in relation to semantic and syntactic rules , as well the level of

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