Essay Love Is Blind : Blind

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“Love is blind.” So many people say it, but what does it really mean? Everyone interprets it in different ways. A person who is eager to love and a person who has experienced multiple heart breaks would have two different views on love, two different ways of viewing the saying “Love is blind.” “Love is blind” can be interpreted in many ways and the connotations could be positive or negative, some of the ways that it can be interpreted in both ways would be that it has no filter, it has no sense of time, and it has no limit. Love has no standard because love can 't be predicted by anyone.
Love is blind: no one can 't say who you will fall in love with nor can you predict it. What you will have to do is accept it. People try to say that it matters who they fall in love with and that it 's wrong to love a certain person, but “Love is blind.” Love has no filter, therefore, a person cannot choose who they fall in love. For example, most people have seen the movie, Forrest Gump. In the movie, Forrest falls for his friend Jenny, and she doesn’t love Forrest back, although Forrest knows that Jenny doesn’t feel the same way he still chooses to pursue her. The idea is that love didn 't stop when the feelings weren 't returned because love is blind. Love caused him to keep pursuing her no matter what, no matter how many times she left, no matter what man she was with at the time, He still loved her, because love has no filter, no standard. In the case of the movie, this can be…

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