Love, Freedom And Peace By Kate Chopin Essay

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Love, Freedom and Peace
Kate Chopin is an American writer, born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1850. She is the only child, of five, to live past the age of twenty-five. Her father died when she was only five years old so, she was raised and taught by her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. They were all strong and independent women who influenced a lot of her literature. Her adolescent life plays a major role into her literature and she dealt with a lot of trauma. After her father was killed in a railroad accident in 1855, her grandmother had later passed in 1863…. Kate Chopin is most famous for her realistic fiction. It is very realistic because of the influences from the women in her life. She may not have used specific moments from her life in her writings but she wrote about true scenarios. Her writing style is unique because she specifically talks about women. Throughout her stories, Kate Chopin incorporates modern struggles of women’s rights and focuses on how women choose to deal with love, freedom, and peace.
What is “Love”? Love is a profoundly tender, sacrificial and passionate affection towards someone else. Kate Chopin’s stories focus a lot on love. Love that is sacrificial or love that may not be present. Kate Chopin has shown the importance of love by showing the absence of it. In Regret by Kate Chopin portrays the importance of love. Mamzelle Aurlie is a woman that has never been married and never been in love before. Kate Chopin presents an opportunity…

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