Compare And Contrast Kate Choppin And Mrs. Mallard And The Story Of An Hour

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Kate Chopin and Mrs. Mallard are two characters that when compared and contrasted seem to be different. Kate Chopin feels free after the death of her husband, but has the responsibility of raising a family and taking care of the general store. Meanwhile Mrs. Mallard feels free after hearing the rumor of her husband’s death and it contrasts with the truth because he never dies and therefore she is not free until the death arrives arrives and takes her. The life of Kate Chopin and had nothing to do with her writing the story of an hour due to that she was not read free after the death of her husband since she still had her children and a small general store that here has been Oscar Chopin stop by after closing your business he owned in New Orleans. …show more content…
Kate might of have wanted to join her husband in death due to her having to face so many incidents happening to her throughout her life. She has a short story “The Story Of An Hour” and the author Kate Chopin states at the end of the story that instead of the husband dying the wife is the one taken by death. And in many ways there is no doubt that she could have wanted death to take her and let her husband live so that she wouldn’t have to be alive and be present to lose several people of her family pass away all in a short period of time. She also wrote a novel “The Awakening” where she suggested that she desired to join her husband in death. She could have desired it since she lost everything that might have been really important to her in life and then being really young with a family of young children must have been incredibly tough for her to raise all the children and support them as well without the help of a single person. Most of her writing was all influenced on true events and about real people that she had met throughout her life. So the biography of Kate Chopin and The Story of an Hour had sort of a connection due to Kate trying to relate that she might of have wished that death would of taken her instead of her father and her husband. She probably wished that her father and husband would have lived longer than she did due to in the short story The Story of an Hour she mentions that her husband died in a train wreck and in her biography it states that her father was the one who died in the train wreck when the bridge collapsed. Therefore she wanted to be the one that death took instead of her father and husband. With the author of The Story of an Hour writing her novel “The Awakening” it shows that in reality she wished death upon herself so she could reunite with her

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