Essay about Love For Weakness Or Weakness For Love

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Love for Weakness or Weakness for Love Throughout William Shakespeare’s Hamlet women are portrayed as dispensable, unpredictable, hysterical characters run by their emotions. Therefore, their motives and thoughts are irrelevant and only become of relevance when in relation to their male counterparts. This reflects attitudes of that rhyme when men dominated and women’s obedient role was clearly defined. Shakespeare shows only the weak side of women throughout this play. The two main female characters in Hamlet are Ophelia, Hamlet’s lover and daughter of Polonius, and Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother, who is in an “incestuous” marriage with Claudius, the present king of Denmark; she is the widow of the old king Hamlet. Shakespeare throughout Hamlet did not use women to their full potential and made them sound as if they only obliged to their lovers, he also makes the men in these women’s lives seem in control of their lives. Gertrude and Ophelia throughout Hamlet seem to be madly in love with each of their love interests, because they are at every beck and call. Although, Gertrude is seemingly in love with Claudius and was probably fooling around with Claudius before old king Hamlet’s death. On the other hand Ophelia was portrayed to be blinded by Hamlet’s love; she was head over heels in love with him even if what he was saying to her was just to get her into bed with him. In Hamlet we do not exactly see both Gertrude and Ophelia in the same light as Claudius and Hamlet.…

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