Love Equals War, Othello 's Indecision Essay

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Love equals War, Othello’s Indecision in Shakespeare “Othello”
In Shakespeare’s “Othello”, the main character Othello experiences some relationship issues with his wife despond when Iago begins to make Othello suspicious that Desdemona is having a affair .This conjecture infuriates Othello so much that the true violent side is revealed. Throughout Act 3 Othello becomes increasingly violent and the correlations between how he treats love and war begin to resemble on another strongly. In the selected passage, in act 3 scene 3, it is a turning point for which he decides the only way to resolve this situation is to kill both Desdemona and Cassio. His tendency to treat love and war equally in the passage is demonstrated by the word choice, the separation of positive and negative feelings and the uses of syllable breaks.
In the passage Othello violent and dark word choice in his monologue relates to how he treats love and war the same. After Iago planted the seed of doubt and lead Othello to believe that Desdemona and Cassio were sleeping together, Othello true violence and demeanor was revealed. Throughout the passage the contrast between love and death was prominent, particularly demonstrated in the word choice. In the opening line of Othello 's monologue the word “slave” clashes with “lives”, this is confusing because slaves are a possession you own by violence while living obtains personal choice and independence. By juxtaposing lives and slaves it creates a feeling of…

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