Love And Love: True Love Vs. Infatuation

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The other evening I was watching Frozen with my three-year-old cousin and realized how accurate they depicted true love and infatuation. I observed that in the beginning of the movie Anna meets the man of her dreams, her one true love, Prince Hans. They are so clouded by the idea of true love that they get engaged. Anna believes he was her true love, but when she needed him the most he did not even consider helping her. Even though he could have saved her with true love’s kiss, he did not want to try. Many believe love, at first sight, is the start of their happy ending or is it just a love daze called infatuation.
Love and Infatuation are incredibly different, especially when focusing on their meanings. Love is an intense feeling of
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Love takes time for the feeling to grow and develop, but once they do the feelings will last forever. Love is traditionally confirmed by taking the next step and getting married. When someone is truly in love they will commit to forever with the person. Love can also be shown in parents with their children. No matter what their kids do they will always forgive and love them. It is that kind of commitment that demonstrates love perfectly. One of the many times I locked my keys in my car I happened to be in Rockford. My dad, although frustrated, drove all the way to Rockford to bring me the key. This example shows the support and ability for my parents to always take care of me. Infatuation will either develop into love or the connection will end. If the thrill infatuation dies off they know it wasn 't loved. A commonly used example to demonstrate infatuation is Romeo and Juliet. They fell in love so quickly and never got to know each other. This story proves that a couple could be so infatuated with each other they do not consider anyone else. Sadly they both take their lives due to heartbreak. The ending of their lived helps to prove that they were so infatuated with each other neither could see

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