Love And Friendship In Plato's Alcibiades

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I found that reading Plato’s Alcibiades was difficult. Difficult in many different ways; the language, the multiple meanings of words and phrases, and even the space left for open interpretation of what was said. But, I also found these challenges to be helpful. This text was fun to read because there was an underlying message of the point Plato was trying to make, but there was also room to create my own ideas. An example of the space left for interpretation is in much of Socrates dialogue. Specifically, when Socrates talks about friendship. In Alcibiades, Socrates believes that the only good way to be concerned with oneself is through what he calls two-pronged therapy. The first part, being that it is not possible to remain in a state of …show more content…
Different people find happiness in very different things. But, in my personal experience, I have found that a life of love and friendship is a happy life. These two things are so important to a life of good quality. Without love and friendship, what would life be? We all need love. People have a natural need to be loved and to love others. People have a natural desire to find love in others and that is why people date. Everyone is looking for someone to love them eternally. Love is not just necessary in relationships, but also in our friendships and amongst families. I believe that people need real friendships in their lives. People need friends who love them and will be there for them; and people need friends who they can love and listen to. In families, love is so necessary. A family without love is not a family. Kids need to grow up in a loving household with a family who cares about them, or else they will not have a childhood of happiness or even grow up with morals and virtues. In Alcibiades, Alcibiades grows up in a family concerned with power and wealth, rather than love and virtue. The first sentences of Alcibiades, the first thing that Socrates says to Alcibiades is, “Son of Cleinias, I think you’re wondering why I, the first to love you, alone have not stopped loving you when the others have” (Alcibiades, pg.1,103A-104). Alcibiades was not truly loved as a child, or at least loved in the way that child should be. This could be part of the reason as to why Alcibiades was the way he is. In general, I would say that a life of friendship, or companionship with other quality individuals, and a life filled with love, is a happy

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