Love And Adoration - Original Writing Essay

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I lay in silence as he approaches, his squeaky shoes creaking across rotted floors, the sound of a bottle clinking against the tabletop as he places it down and grunts with satisfaction. A candelabra is lit beyond the thick black curtains that separates the bed in which I lay from the rest of the room. As the curtains part, the light illuminates the room beyond the curtained bed. With a crooked yellow grin, he sits beside me, places the candelabra down, and leans closer.

Skeletal fingers sweep across my hollowed and colorless cheeks, I feel the need to recoil and hide away from his touch. Heated breath scented with alcohol,rotted meats, and cheeses touches upon my cold skin as he speaks perverse words of affection. Words of love and adoration, words which make my soul feel cold with hate. My eyes, he says, are cloudy skies on stormy days, and my hair the wings of a raven’s feathers. Wings which set his putrid soul free. He compliments the white gown and cap I am dressed in, one he proudly exclaims is the finest of all gowns he’s ever seen. Brushing his fingers through my hair he utters the words. “Ma Belle Fayette.” Unwanted lips brush against my own. Helpless in my state I cannot pull away, cannot speak, or push away the horrid man. His rotten breath fills me in place of the air which I can no longer breathe. How I would love to cough the air away! What vile creature is a man who would desecrate such a vulnerable being in such a blasphemous way! He is no man, he is a…

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