Love Alone By V. Mrs. Naipaul

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V.S Naipaul was born in 1932 in a place called Trinidad. He was graduated from university oxford in England and lives there. He is a prolific writer and has written more than 30 novels both of fiction and nonfiction, short stories and travelogues including two that are very critical of India. ‘Love, love, love Alone is taken from a collection called Miguel Street in which the life of ordinary, poor people in Trinidad is observed through the eyes of young, fatherless boy.he is regarded by many as one of the best writers of our time, and he is also perennial nominee for the Nobel Prize in literature which he is finally won on October 11 2001.

“The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain. It’s not the cup that
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Hereria out of unfortunate time goes with such a drunkard man called Toni thinking that she would get a full love from him. But she has to hide and act as if nothing had happen to her though she gets beating from Toni. She had to suffer the same pain as in hell, but still then she has to of act between them. While she enters into narrator’s house suddenly she looks every look and corner of the house to get help. Her action and expression of her felling makes me help her in such a way that my helping hand to reach her. According to narrator “up till then Mrs. Hereria hadn’t been crying, but now she broke down and cried like a girl. (Page no.35). Expressing and dying inside but couldn’t control her emotion. Although she gets advice from narrator’s mother when she is in trouble with Toni but she being in deep love with Toni, tries to explain good qualities about Toni, although he is drunkard, smelly and jobless person having no good qualities within him. Being innocent and unable to take advice in good way really makes me to feel pity. “Mrs. Hereria said, ‘I am all right now, really. I will go back and talk to Toni. I think I did something to offend him. (According to Hereria page 36).” Mrs. Hereria said,’ it is a stupid thing to say to you or anybody else but I like Toni. I love him (page 29). She even takes the advice negative way that she is not paying attention and …show more content…
With no reason, narrator’s mother has to deal with hereria worst situation. She tries her level best to make her realize between the two husbands. She even gets hopeless to advice her with different types of techniques but Mrs.hereria didn’t bother to the advice given by narrator’s mother. (According to narrators mother “well I really give up,’ my mother said ‘I think you are taking this love business a little too far, you hear “page 36), Encouraging and will power to give advice, so that she could realize herself about her mistakes. Being married with Toni had made into meaningless and hopeless. When narrator’s mother get emotionally annoyed and out of compassion, she speaks all the unpleasant words to hereria. On that moment Mrs.hereria cries on the spot where she becomes speechless to speak. Although she spoke beneficial advice to her, by the situation she made to feel sorry. “My mother said, ‘look, I didn’t want to make you cry like this .I sorry “page 39). The story is a three triangle love between Mrs. Hereria, Toni, and narrator’s mother. Love between Toni and Mrs.hereria is funny as she is beautiful having all the good qualities and Toni is just a good for nothing man acting like a antagonist .hereria had tried her level best to show her love towards him and narrators mother being mercy on hereria tried her to help her. There is all the love circles

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