Losing A Loved One : A Mans Best Friend Essay

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Losing A Loved One: A Mans Best Friend Have you ever lost someone close to you? A grandparent? An Aunt or Uncle? One of your parents? Well, on July 19, 2014 I lost the keystone holding my family together, Wilson. Wilson was arguably one of the best dogs I ever had, he was my best friend and my wingman (because what girl can resist a cute dog?). I had no recollection of what it was like without having Wilson to come home to everyday as I had grown up with him for the last 10 years. If you grew up with someone for 10 years, how would you feel if he was taken away from you in the blink of an eye? Unfortunately, at the age of 14 I learned the hard way that life can leave you quicker than a super hero can fly around the city to save someone. I woke up one morning to the sound of my dogs barking and howling trying to get my dad to drop a piece of the fresh homemade pancakes he was cooking whose smell wafted through the house like a batter scented candle. By the time I had gotten dressed and walked down stairs my parents had already left the house for church and my sister was still upstairs getting ready. I plopped down in a bar stool at the counter and smothered my pancakes in thick layers of butter and the sticky goodness we call syrup.
Shortly after munching down a thick stack of flapjacks I was so stuffed I had to lie down so to the floor I fell. Wilson and Mac, both of my puppies, came to greet me with a face full of slobbery wet kisses. After making my face a pool of…

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