Lorelai Gilmore Case Study

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The presenting problem in the case of Lorelai Gilmore, Lorelai struggles to be a healthy romantic committed relationship. When she feels herself becoming too attached to her partner she finds any reason to leave, no matter how good her partner is. Looking at Lorelai’s past and present shows an insecure attachment to her parents, which has effected different areas of her life, most promote is her romantic life.
Some precipitating factors are Lorelai’s relationship with her parents are very insecure. Recent rekindling of their relationship and other new recent stressors in Lorelai’s life have made it difficult for her to find ways to not fight with her parents and prevent them. Lorelai doesn’t mainly start fights or amply them, however she is
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However Lorelai’s daughter Rory seems to be Lorelai’s ‘light’. Rory is said to be a consent source of happiness and relief, Rory is a sweet girl who helps her mom out during Friday night dinners at her parents’ house. Rory and Lorelai’s relationship seems to be a secure attachment, Lorelai knows she can depend on her daughter and is there for her daughter, there is common trust among them and there is attentiveness to their actions. Lorelai’s string determination to finish school to peruse her dreams is in motion but also a stressor in her …show more content…
Lorelai’s seems to have a better handle weaker areas of her life like her turmoil with her parents, inconsistent love life and the bumpy road of life, with her secure attachments. Lorelai is using humor to cope with some of the things in her life she finds hard to cope with, it is also her main form of communication.
Some Constructivist and relational factors are that as a person coming from difficult family situation, I highly empathize with Lorelai. However Lorelai’s tendency’s to be overly invested in others’ lives, not only gets on many peoples nerves, this can be taken as Lorelai being a busy body and selfish. However this behavior also proves how she has an insecure attachment and has a need to be filled that isn’t necessarily being filled, due to her insecure

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