Lord Please Save My Mother Essays

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Lord please save my mother.
Lord let her get better; she has to see me grow up.
I just want to be a happy family.
I just want my mother
Those were the first words I said to myself on February 01, 2004 the day my mother died. As images of my mother’s smile flashed through my head on the day it happened. I haven’t even opened my eyes yet but all the things I loved about her are flying through my head, along with white birds and a huge heart that is broken. As I made my way to the bathroom my sister asked me what’s wrong, the fear of saying that I felt like I lost my life line. Something inside of me was missing and sadness filled my body; reaching in into my soul. I sat on the toilet praying to God, please save her , she isn’t perfect but she is my mother I want to know her I need her, her kids need her. I felt like I was in movie and a mother just found her daughter dead body and the scream you hear when they tell the mother it’s your daughter. This is what I felt piercing through me when I rushed out of the bathroom to my sister Tonia who punched a hole in the wall and fell to the ground, full of tears and I immediately knew my mother was gone my sister words were “mama died”. Being 12 years old and already feeling odd and alone. Feeling like I didn’t belong in my family, there were times when I was so happy and it was me and my sisters against the world. We would play “house” and somebody would be the mom, the dad, and a teacher. If my sister Shanteria was…

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