Lord Of The Flies The Beast Theme Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… The Beast is a symbol of the thing that Golding called "the essential sickness of mankind". The Beast plays an important part in the novel "Lord of the Flies" as it represents "the essential sickness" and causes the boys to be subjects to the paranoia it causes amongst them. The young boy who addresses the idea of the beast says, "saw the thing in the dark"; this is an important ideas the all things evil are associated in someway with the dark and the beast is too. The Beast is on a small scale a figment of the boys' imaginations, although on a far deeper level The Beast represents the darkness that is inherent to mankind's mind. The next idea that involves the theme of good versus evil is the theme of fire. In the second chapter the fire …show more content…
So when they start killing pigs they don't just do it for the food, torture seems to rule them. The hunting of the sow in the chapter "Gift for the Darkness" is a horrific scene, the quote, "the terrified screaming became a high-pitched scream". In the quote it is almost as though the sow had become human and was screaming. The sow is not only tortured but they then leave her head as an offering for the beast, it is at this point that the reader can tell that the hunters are reaching one of the lowest points of their social descent into savagery. Offerings and sacrifices were the most primitive forms of worship of Gods and it would appear that the boys have reached that stage and the Beast is the God. The quote, "the head hung there, a little blood dribbling down the stick" is a grotesque image for the reader and is very overpowering, but it is as though the boys have begun to worship the very thing that put them on the island, War. This is as the beast also represents war and offerings are beginning to be made to the

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