Lord Of The Flies By William Golding Essay

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In most situations whether they are life-threatening or non-life-threatening, there are always individuals who receive the job of being a leader. People who are leaders take on the responsibility of keeping their society and the people they are supposed to lead from falling apart. Leaders tend to require traits that allow both themselves and their society to succeed and thrive. In Lord of the Flies, Ralph becomes the designated leader of the society after he is elected into the role by the other boys. Since the beginning of the novel, Ralph 's leadership skills have shown to be both satisfactory and unsatisfactory. Unfortunately, he has shown more negative leadership qualities than positive ones, thus leading him to be labeled as a shoddy leader. Ralph manages the group inadequately with his lack of responsibility and control. Additionally, Ralph has also been seen to have no compassion or patience towards anyone, which hinders his effectiveness as a leader. In short, Ralph is a substandard leader.
Despite being elected as leader and now having to take care of everyone 's wellbeing, Ralph has been acting carelessly with the boy 's. He has been acting so careless and irresponsible that he doesn 't know the whereabouts of one of the boy 's, which is shown when Piggy asks “‘That little’un that had a mark on his face-where is-he now? I tell you I don’t see him.’” (Golding 46). When the words "where is-he" and "I don 't see him" are used, it shows that no one has a clue about…

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