Lord Of The Flies By William Golding Essay

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Imagine being castaway on an island stripped of one’s rights but at the same time thinking about unlimited freedom and pleasure. At first peaceful thoughts occupy one’s mind. When no boundaries are established turmoil begins to seep into one’s mind, shrouding it from reality.Turmoil becomes the swirling vortex of insecurity that writhes in one’s body. One must not embrace these ideas or turmoil begins to generate other negative emotions such as anger. Only by vanquishing these ideas can tranquility occur. In Lord of the Flies, Golding signifies the collapse of societal values through symbolism, internal conflicts, and the loss of innocence.Throughout the duration of Golding’s novel, clarity gradually transforms into uncertainty and chaos. Order is necessary to preserve freedom from maintaining its value. At the beginning of the novel the boys appear to be reluctant as to whether or not they should be upbeat about having no limitations,or face reality and start looking for survival methods. Ralph assumes leadership but only for a limited time period as Jack plans to make a game out of this situation. Soon after the collapse of the “new society” the survival of the boys is only necessary to Ralph, Piggy, and a few of the “littluns”. Jack and his tribe take the island as a never-ending party, mutilating animals and people for sport and creating tribal laws for greater entertainment.The only instance when stability reoccurs is when Ralph blew the conch to restore order and…

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