Human Nature In Lord Of The Flies And Edward Scissorhands

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Did you know that all humans raise their eyebrows when they recognise someone they come upon, but if there is no recognition, the eyebrows remain immobile. You don't really see it unless you look closely since the blink is 1/24th of a second in duration. This behaviour is not an aspect of culture but rather it is an aspect of human nature. Human nature is the general psychological characteristics, feelings and behavioural traits of humankind that is not influenced by our culture or upbringing. The two narrations that we have studied this term, Lord of the Flies and Edward Scissorhands, revolves around the theme of human nature.

When you first meet someone, how long does it take for you to evaluate them and form your first impression? Studies
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The societal expectation to be identical is apparent when civilisation is being challenged and savagery becomes the overriding system of operation on the island instead. At the beginning of the novel, the boys are committed to civilisation and morality. Their upbringing of living in a civilised English community beforehand influences their decision to be democratic and therefore, to elect a leader. Ralph, who got voted on to become the leader, demonstrates his ability to lead by establishing rules in an effort to maintain order on the island. In contrast, Jack is the embodiment of savagery and dictatorship, and he uses manipulation as a tool to influence the group of boys to turn into savages. The deterioration from civilisation to savagery only happened when conformity came into place. The young minds felt the need to change their belief on law and order in the interest of fitting in with the rest of the group. To stand up for your beliefs in the face of overwhelming opposition is audacious, but it also exacts a heavy price. As can be seen in the novel, the only people who abstain from conforming into savages are Ralph, Piggy and Simon. However, by not conforming, they are systematically destroyed for their heroism. Conformity is again displayed with the distaste of Piggy. As the two most powerful characters, Jack and Ralph influences the other boys to disrespect Piggy as well. Hence, conformity plays a big role in the thematic study of Lord of the

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