Long Form Draft 2 : Stick And Poke Tattoos Essay

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Long Form Draft 2 Caroline Nayden
Stick and Poke Tattoos at Oberlin 11/16/15

Young people always flock to cool trends. Exciting fads that identify a person as interesting and radical. But, does a trend go too far when the effects become permanent? Many Oberlin College students do not think so.
Located in Oberlin, Ohio, this funky, liberal arts college is known for its eccentricity. Students sport wacky hair colors, bold clothing choices and often intentionally stray from the norm Stick and poke tattoos have become a popular fashion trend on campus, and just like regular tattoos, the ink lasts forever.
There are a few students who consider themselves stick and poke artists, including Beatrix Parola (20) and Andrea Wang (18). Their services, as well as other artists’, are easy to come by and are well known among the Oberlin community
Wang, short with cropped black hair and glasses, is a freshman at Oberlin and is just beginning her stick and poke career. She tattooed a few friends at art camp over the summer and wants to continue this hobby during her time in college. She advertises her skills as a conversation starter and a way to meet new people.
Parola is a third year at Oberlin College and is very passionate about tattoos. She has short, dark hair, an assortment of piercings and is covered in tattoos. She has been giving her friends stick and poke tattoos since her freshman year, but is not necessarily a fan of the trend. She disagrees with the premise of…

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