Lombroso And Lombroso 's Development Of Criminology Essay examples

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Produce an essay which describes the development of criminology, including an explanation of the early approaches that argue for ‘rehabilitation’ (theory of freewill) or the ‘treatment’ (biological theory) of criminals (incorporate the theories of Lombroso and Beccaria in your answer).
Criminology has developed so much from when it stated. Criminology came along just so society could understand the social world but it has gone further than that. There have been many criminologists and their theories which has contributed to the development of criminology. One of the main theories being the theory of freewill. This theory believes that there should be a set of social rules and anyone that breaks these is out of the social norm and should be punished. Another theory is the biological theory of criminals. This theory most popular with Cesare Lombroso and it believes that criminals are born and not made. This theory also believes that you can identify a criminal by certain body types. This essay will show the development of criminology and how the theories of Lombroso and Beccaria have helped to develop criminology.
Since the 18th century the theorist of criminology and the government have tried to understand about why people turn to crime and criminal behaviour. People were relying on religion to find out and understand what good and evil was. The death penalty was also in place at this time which meant people who had done minor crimes such as stealing were getting…

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