The Stereotypes Of Alcohol And Drug Abuse

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Drug abuse and addiction have impacted the world that we live in today. There are too many people that have a problem with drugs and they either refuse to get help or do not want to get help since this drug has a grasp on them and will not let go. Whatever drug they are on, does not just affect them but it also affects the people that are close to them and their families. This also leads to their children seeing this happen and thinking it is either okay to do or they think it is cool. So they then start to do them or sell them and begin this vicious life that their parents have been apart of. The younger generations are the ones being affected most by this crisis and if we can get to them and prevent the children from doing these drugs then the drug issue can be stopped and or completely erased. We can do this by using pictures that show how bad this issue is and how this will impact the rest of your life. The image from the Alcohol and Drug Abuse website appeals to the readers logos and pathos in a better way than ethos.
Alcohol and Drug Abuse is trying to appeal to our pathos emotion on why drugs are bad and how big of a problem they are. In the picture, it shows two kids
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In the background of the photo the school bus has the words “Public School” on it. This implies that public schools are where all of the drugs are at. The reason why this picture used public school, instead of something like private school is, public schools have more freedom in them and the kids can get away with more stuff. They have the more of an opportunity to get involved with drugs since that most public schools are close to all of these things such as the inner city where most drugs can be accessible and the schools do not have the money to help and do not have the resources to get awareness into the schools. There needs to be drug awareness in all schools, even the ones that say they have no drugs because drugs are

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