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Application 1: Locating and Critically Analyzing Primary Research
Article One The article “Dementia carer education and patient behavior disturbance. International journal of geriatric psychiatry conducted” by Coen, R., O 'Boyle, C., Coakley, D., & Lawor, B. (1999). is on the topic of dementia carer. The researchers stated that the objective was to evaluate the impact of dementia Carer Education Program on carer quality of life, wellbeing, and burden. The study took place in a Hospital memory clinic. The study design was a Single group before-and-after the intervention study. The researcher subdivided the group by those who perceived status post-programme for intragroup analysis which made it convenient to understand. The participation
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(2008). This article discusses the prevalence of dementia among the elderly people and their psychological symptoms during illness. The author mentioned the increasing prevalence of dementia within the aging population. The author also provided a statistic of Up to 90% of dementia patient having behavioral and psychological symptoms at some point in their disease process. With the literature review the author mentioned poor management of symptoms in acute and residential care setting with all the awareness and education provided to managed the patient. The researcher identified the need to explore newer ways to manage a patient with dementia who has the behavioral and psychological symptoms in an acute and residential facilities using simple framework for staff that is beneficial. The author distributed Thirty-one surveys between residential aged care and acute services in a rural health region. The survey identifies the following the Environment, staffing, knowledge, and policies and procedures required as the shortcoming for best practice. They recognized the need to train regional nurses using the train- the-trainer principles. The used the ABC model of behavior management, with A representing the activating event that causes B, which is the behavior to examine C which is the consequence of the patient 's behavior. The result revealed an …show more content…
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