Living With Roommates Essay

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You awake to the sound of the 5$ alarm clock buzzing for the 8 am class, throwing a pillow at the mound grayness that is your roommate, attempting to wake them. College they said would be fun, you will love your roommate, they were wrong. You stumble up and shut the alarm yourself, grabbing your shoes and sliding them on, and shuffling to the bathroom to go brush your teeth. You come and get your bag and look back to see that they are still asleep, about to miss their class again, knowing you will hear “why didn’t you wake me up again?”.
To me as twenty-one-year-old college freshmen at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods college, I believe that students should not be about forced to create a relationship with
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The Atlantic Journal did an online story about college students that requested a single room for their living space. Those that received a single room are doing much better in classes than they would if they were living with roommates. Although this article showed both sides of the argument, that student should have to live with roommates. I disagree with what the Dean of social sciences at the New York University, Dalton Conley, about how he says “Roommates simply teach us to be tolerant and adapt,” and “It 's a shame that this training is now going away slowly, leaving us increasingly with no experience of cohabiting with difference,” (Wheeler). People struggle with adapting to change and picking and choosing their battles in college and beyond, roommates are not always going to have the ability to adapt to what is going on and change their behavior effectively. Roommates also shouldn’t be looked at a sense of training for students. When students are looked at like they are pieces on a machine, their needs, and personal issues are overlooked and incidents like with Clementi and Ravi happen and innocent people get hurt because their needs were overlooked and thought of as not important because the need to train us, or toughen our skin, or break our comfort levels outweigh our education and

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