Essay on Litter: Waste and Littering Problem

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Defining “litter” Litter is “carelessly discarded refuse ,” most commonly found on the ground. It can be hazardous, like shards of broken glass, or non-hazardous, like a piece of hair. Because some trash items seem harmless, there is controversy about what should technically be called “litter.” The American Public Works Association defines litter as “…material which, if thrown or deposited, tends to create a danger to public health, safety and welfare.” Regardless of the item(s) littered, littering always has a negative effect on our environment.

Common types of litter The amount of trash littered each year is getting closer every year to the amount of trash that was actually properly disposed of and billions of dollars have
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Wildlife can get trapped in it or mistake if for food and be poisoned by it. Hundreds of thousands of animals die every year from eating discarded plastic bags and other rubbish. Garbage does not only pollute the ground; it dirties the air and water as well. Decaying matter adds an unpleasant odor to the air and can even decrease the oxygen levels in water. Too much garbage blocks up pipes and drains. Litter is a fire hazard. Burning

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