Literature From The Different Historical Periods Essay

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Literary history is a topic that deals with the assessment of literature from the different historical period. Literature can be categorized into different historical periods and genres, history from various eras have different characteristics in that their features, common assumptions and writing norms will vary from one literature period to another. Literary history in literature helps classify literature and work of art into different historical contexts as well as different characteristics of the various historical periods in writing literature. Literary history helps appreciate literature from different perspectives and contexts. Differentiating literature into different historical contexts promotes understanding of what influenced the authors to write the work of literature and also the features of the audience at the time.
The neoclassical era spun after the exploration and expansiveness period also referred to as the Renaissance. During this phenomenal literature period, literature was more metaphorical and more complex words were used. ‘On the duty of civil disobedience’ fits according to periodic classification and features of this work of art into the neoclassical period. In agreement with the neoclassical literature period features ‘On the duty of civil disobedience’ has a lot of figurative languages while maintaining traditional words. The language is also metaphorical which resembles Shakespearean era and borrowing of poems and metaphorical features to…

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