9/11 Tragedy Without Borders Analysis

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9/11: Tragedy Without Borders
September 11, 2001, a day of mass destruction that touched the lives of many. In the article “9/11 anniversary: America remembers lives lost on one of its darkest days” by Faith Karimi and Jason Hanna, Karimi and Hanna tell their audience about the tragic events that took place September 11. They memories still haunt all those who remember this horrific day. The article informs the reader of the destructive attacks from the first plane crash in the last, and then tells the readers how the United States mourn those who were lost during this awful tragedy. It emphasises the catastrophic conclusion after the attacks ended. The authors’ writing contains characteristic of the “tragic vision,” which include catastrophic
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During the 9/11 attacks it was absolute chaos; people were dying everywhere. “People, buildings and planes fell from the sky” (Karimi, "9/11 anniversary: America remembers tragic day - CNN.com"). The madness, everyone was terrified. The madness, everyone was terrified; the mass destruction that took place would terrify anyone. The onlookers watched as the buildings fell,and it was mentally torturing the lives of everyone in the US. Then on September 11, 2015 members of the family of those who died would read the name of their relative or relatives that died on that tragic day. The pain of the families who had to watch as the two planes flew into the Twin Towers. People mourning “their lost sibling, child, parent or cousin” (Karimi, "9/11 anniversary: America remembers tragic day - CNN.com"). The suffering spread beyond the people who were at Ground Zero. It affected the lives of those whose loved ones were there because it let them know that everyone was mourning for the death of their family member too. When someone loses someone close to them it is like a part of the dies too; the part which knew them is gone with them forever. Later on September 11, 2015, a ceremony is then held at the Pentagon. Families mourn for their losses. They listen to a speech and laid wreaths on those who died in the tragic event.The wreaths represent their lives being complete. The ceremony allows the families of those who died to mourn along with the rest of the country for those they lost. The pain of the family members who lost their loved ones in this attack is sad. The suffering the United States went through during the attacks was not just physical, but

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