Literary Analysis : Kindred By Octavia Butler And Brave New World By Aldous Huxley

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In a society where everyone is controlled by a powerful authority and no one is free to choose what they can and can’t do, rebellious violence can be futile. Because of this, literature can be one of the strongest weapons a person can wield. In the novels Kindred by Octavia Butler and Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, the protagonists Dana and John both use literacy in order to challenge the ideals of the powerful authorities from their respective societies; however, their attempts end up being mostly in vain.

The leaders of the dystopian societies in both Kindred and Brave New World restrict literacy in order to prevent the people they have authority over from becoming free thinkers and rebelling against them. In Brave New World, marriage and natural birth are seen as obscene. Instead, humans are made on an assembly line and hypnotized into liking and disliking certain things, such as being programmed to like outdoor sports but hate nature. The world leaders in this society crave power and go as far as banishing anyone that has opposing views to them. Coincidentally, most works of literature include ideas that go against the will of the world leaders. Because of this, no one is allowed to own or read most types of books. As said by Dr. Gaffney. “"Our library contains only books of reference. If our young people need distraction, they can get it at the feelies. We don 't encourage them to indulge in any solitary amusements" (Huxley 165). The main reason the…

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