Literary Analysis: Grant Wood-American Gothic, 1930

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Grant Wood - American Gothic, 1930

Grant Wood, American painter who was born in February, 1891 and died in February, 1942. His iconic painting in 20th century with regionalism, American Gothic (1930), which was depicting the rural American Midwest.

About Regionalism
Regionalism, or we can called it American Scene Painting. It is a realist modern art movement in American which was popular form 1920s to 1950s in the United States. In art, Regionalism was a style and defined as painting what an artist lives with, in, or around. There had three main artist associated with the movement, wood was the one, and the others two were John Steuart Curry and Thomas Hart Benton. Both of them were American painting. Regionalism advanced figurative
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He used the farm life of the past of his early life for his inspiration and ideas. Wood thought that American can develop a truly national art through Regionalist art.

The element of his paintings
Wood’s famous painting, American Gothic, 1930. The models in this painting, the woman was his 30 years old sister and the man was 62 years old dentist from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the town in the American Midwest where Grant Wood lived. Many of his paintings were painted the rural American Midwest, it because of his family background.

American Gothic,
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The man dressed a black jacket like he might wear to get in to church with the overalls and the collar less shirt. And the woman dressed an apron and black dress with white collar to showed that her hair bun. The house was the style of carpenter’s gothic in the Midwest. All of these elements told us the imagination of the painter world. It is showing out wood is a conservative to celebrate the Midwestern farmer’s mentality were the stable, main art style of

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