Essay on Listening On My Listening Skills

1435 Words Nov 21st, 2016 6 Pages
Yes, I agree with my score. When listening to someone speak I often find myself struggling to pay attention and stay engaged when the topic or conversation doesn 't interest me. However when saying this I’m not suggesting this happens with every conversation. For example, when listening in lectures or presentations I often find myself day dreaming or “zoning out”. This is an area of listening I can improve on. When talking with someone one-to-one I find I pay much closer attention to the smaller details of the conversation such as body language, tone of voice and facial expressions. I think my score is a very accurate representation of my listening skills. I’m a good listener however may not be the very best sometimes. In order to improve my listening skills I need to start making a conscious effort to listen during conversations, lectures and presentations even if the subject may not interest me.

I think my results are fairly accurate. Whenever responding to situations and being confided in I find myself advising people. However, I also resort to using the other response styles during some situations. Typically it depends on who I am talking too and what we are talking about. A specific conversation I’ve had numerous times with my best friends is when one of us gets “dumped”. It 's extremely evident that all these response styles are present in these conversations as we each deal with our own, and each others emotions. Now learning about these response styles I realize…

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