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By TOM LANGE – Daily, Journal. “Athletes, Band Members Earning P.E. Waivers.” AP Regional State Report – Indiana (2014): Points of View Reference Center. Web. 18 Sept. 2014. Tom Lange, from Whiteland Indiana, discusses in “Athletes, band members earning P.E. waivers” about how students at Whiteland High School convinced their school to give them a P.E. waiver for being in band and sports. The students showed that when they lift weights or when they marched they did more physical work than in P.E. After hearing their statements and seeing the proof, the school decided to grant them a P.E waiver. Some schools still require their students to take P.E. for educational purposes. There are also schools that allow the P.E. waiver, but the student must take a health class. This article, in my opion, is very defensive of my topic. It shows that bands students, when they practice, work harder than most people think. It also shows that taking a P.E. class while taking band or other sports is pointless. The students taking band obtain just as much, if more, exercise and physical activity as they would obtain taking P.E. This article clearly proves the hard work and effort bands students actually put in to a marching show. The students presented enough information that convinced their P.E. teacher to get a P.E. waiver passed for the students.
McKinley, Chnthia. “Hard Work And Fun In A High School Marching Band.” Appleseeds 16.1 (2013): 26. Primary Search. Web. 18 Sept.…

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