Essay about List And Discuss The Person Factors That Are Most Relevant

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4. List and discuss the person factors that are most relevant.
What this partnerships attempt to do is unprecedented. It is not known yet how those recruited into the project will react. With that being said, all of the personal factors will be relevant in this kind of partnership. Several of the factors that will need special attention will be job status, level of education, and cultural background. Researchers from different organizations will try to use these factors to boost themselves above each other, which will hinder the research development. Group members will be apprehensive about fully committing this project because of the uncertain nature of the outcomes. In the scientific research industry, researchers are used to personal recognition for their efforts and achieves. The potential outcomes of this type of project would be groundbreaking and sure boost the career of any researcher that worked on this project. We suggest that all individuals involved engage in personality test to evaluate the strength, weakness, overall feeling towards the collaboration and to assist, in best placing them in teams within the group.

5. Discuss the environmental characteristics that are most important to consider.
For this project there are a host of environmental characteristics that must be considered. The most important is to create an environment that fosters collaboration and supports the main goal. The organizational climate of the collaboration Competitiveness is the…

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