Lipids Essay

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Register to read the introduction… They include carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen with a lot of hydrogen but not as much oxygen. The different types of them is saturated and unsaturated, unsaturated being better for you. Lipids, or fats, are used to store energy. They can also be called fatty acids. They are found in things like olive oil or butter, which are unsaturated ones. They can also be used as protective tissue. They are polar, meaning they are non-soluble. Fatty acids come in 2 types, saturated and unsaturated. Saturated are solid at room temperature, have all 4 carbons bonded to atoms, are single bonds, and form a straight chain. Unsaturated means they are soft or liquid at room temperature, don’t have carbons bonded to all 4 atoms, are a double bond, and is a bent chain. Waxes are protective tissue in fatty acids, and steroids are the 4 ring structure. Since unsaturated fats are healthier for you, when you eat them it is good fat you are eating, like fish. Saturated fats, like butter, are in waxes, which add mat to your body, and not the good kind. If you eat a lot of saturated fats you may become overweight because the waxes act as protective tissue, or fat, on your body. Eating unsaturated fats is good for you because they include the good fat that holds the energy you need to function. Eating more unsaturated fats makes your body healthy and eating saturated fats makes it unhealthy. This proves in a way you are what you eat because depending on what you put in …show more content…
After putting drops of HCl and NaOH on different foods it showed whether it was an acid or base. If these biological homogenates affect food like that, then they must affect the human body too! It showed how some animal cells reacted, giving me an idea on what to write about.
The Properties of Water Worksheet This worksheet gave me clear definitions on all parts of a water molecule and what is has the capability of doing. I was able to use this to connect it to our body and what goes on inside with all the water we have. I included this because it gave me direct facts for my reflection and helped me think on a bigger scale.

Reflection Two Support

Carbs, Lipids, Proteins Foldable This foldable was able to show me exactly what a carb, lipid and protein deos and provided great information for my reflection. I used it to connect on a bigger level to what these things would do inside your body. I used all the facts inside directly in my reflection and it was a big help to me.

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