Linux And The Operating System Essays

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Linux the Operating System
Breia Scullion
Wilmington University

You can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you been, this saying rings true when thinking of Lunix. In order to know the start of Lunix one would have to travel back in time quite a bit. In this paper, I will research the start of Linux, the growth, and the future. When thinking of computers imagine they are as big as the tallest building or stadium. While the size of those computers posed problems, there was the one thing that made them worse: every computer had a different operating system. Software was customized to serve a certain purpose, and software didn’t run from one system to another. This was painful for both the system administrators and users alike.
Computers were so expensive back then, and so many sacrifices had to made even after the original big purchase just to get the users to understand how the parts worked together. Technology at that time was not so advanced, so this was the way of life for another decade or so.
In 1969, the beginning of finding a solution to the software problem began. The first developer Ken Thompson is an American pioneer in computer science. He started out working at Bell Labs for most of his career. Dennis Richie is the second developer who was a computer scientist that created the C programming language and, with Ken Thompson and created the “Unix” project.
Thompson and Richie came together to address the compatibility issues and develop…

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