Lily The Song Of Bees Chapter Summary

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Now,lily away from her abusive father is feeling very grateful and she is out to discover about her mother. August did not inquire about lilys parents too. August is a nice women and she takes care of lily and rosaleen telling them that they can stay at her house and earn too by helping her with the honey making. May makes lily learn about a song of bees, which lily loves to sing. Lily observes that the Boatwright familys life revolves around the honey they make. They eat it and use it as a medicine and ofcourse they make it too. Lily starts making shoe polish and candles to make her earning. Rosaleen also becomes friends with May. She eats bananas and catches spiders all day long. June teaches english in a black high school. One night lily …show more content…
Everyday lily and rosaleen watch the news on tv that people are murdered all across the country only because of the fact that their skin in black. Oneday after watching the news about a black man shot dead, May becomes emotional, runs to the washroom and starts to cry. Her sisters calm her down. Each night when everyone calls the big statue "our lady of chains". August later explains lily that she and her sister have made their own religion according to their beliefs and catholicism. One day, august tells lily a story about a young nun who discovers and explores the world and lily realises that the young nun supposed to be her. She is also miserable and lonely like the nun in the story. Then at the end when she return to her convent she realised that Mary is standing in always, for her. Lily doesn’t understand the complete storyt and thinks that maybe august wants her to go back to her home. A week has passed since rosaleen and lily are at augusts house. Lily thinks that mabye she can convince august to let her live in her house forever. Lily asks august about the sone wall and august explains that peopke push a paper in it whenever a tragedy

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