Essay on Lifelong Learning

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Lifelong Learning
Phetric H. Jones
Grand Canyon University
Educating the Exceptional Learner
SPE 226
Star Smith
March 10, 2013

There are many different procedures that students with disabilities must go through. Each procedure is a different step in making sure that these students have the necessary tools to promote lifelong learning. Early Intervention is a process used to service students who might be at risk of not reaching or maintaining at academic grade level. Students receive services that are designed for their special need. This program ensures that students are given an equal chance at receiving the best education that is right for them. One of the first steps that must be done is diagnosing what the
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An IEP or Individualized Education Plan is a set of written plans developed by the special education team with input from the parent and specifies the student’s academic goals and the methods used to reach this goal (Individualized Education Plan, 2013). Things that might be included in an IEP could be that a student be given frequent breaks, extra time or information could be read to them. An IEP also identify things such as transitional arrangement as well as provide a focus for student’s learning and specific timeframes (Individualized Education Plan, 2013). Each student is different therefore making each IEP different as well. Just like with any other assessment, there are many strengths and weaknesses to assessments and interventions used in special education. Some of the assessments that are used in special education are screening test, adaptive behavior scales, individual academic achievement test, curriculum based test, test given at the end of a chapter and even standardized test. Some of these assessments use different data sources. These sources can be from observations, reports from parents or students, progress monitoring or response-to-intervention (RTI). One of the main strengths is that with these assessments the teacher can create lessons that are tailored to the needs of the student. Also,

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