Lifeline : A Non Profit Organization Essay

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When Krista Dossie was told that had to give away her dog, Coco Belle, she was absolutely heartbroken. While Dossie was saddened that she was no longer able to care for her dog, she was relieved to know that there was an organization that she could depend on to take care of Coco Belle and ensure that she found a loving home. This experience encouraged Dossie to become a part of the organization that helped ease her mind through that tough time.
Now Dossie is one of the many LifeLine Animal Project volunteers who dedicate their time to take care of animals in the metro Atlanta area. LifeLine is a non-profit organization based in Atlanta, Georgia that has a main focus of working to end the euthanasia of healthy and treatable cats and dogs in metro Atlanta shelters. Ever since it was founding in 2002, LifeLine has gotten over 1600 people to sign their pledge to make Atlanta a no-kill community.
Those like Dossie are eager to help.
"When my mother told me that we couldn’t afford to keep Belle, I felt like I had failed her. It was heartbreaking," Dossie says. "I needed a way to be around other animals and feel like I could make a difference in their lives. LifeLine was the first thing I thought of because they were so accommodating to Coco Belle when I had to take her there. I felt that I left her in good hands."
LifeLine is constantly providing new, innovative ways to protect Atlanta’s homeless cats and dogs from euthanasia, as opposed to the traditional animal control models…

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