Life of Pi Essay

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Anthony Pulicicchio
Mr. Cook
Tuesday, January 12th, 2016
Pi and his Religious Survival
Throughout many novels such as, The Lord of the Flies, The Road, and Then We Were None, there were many instances where God and the values of religion came into play, as the characters had to subdue their loneliness. Many of these novels had characters whom survived solely on the life skills they were taught as a kid, or they were given assistance from God. This ideology of God relates to the novel The Life of Pi. The novel incorporates and explains the central theme of the nature of faith, and how faith is one. This is shown as the novel’s protagonist, Piscine ‘Pi’ Patel, a character that dedicates himself and practices many different types
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Pi also devoted his time to Christianity, as Pi held a rosary and crucifix, and Pi attended church to pray to Jesus. Also as child Pi purchased a rug, which he used to pray 5 times a day on and followed the Islam religious customs. These religions and faiths never left Pi as a horrific incident led Pi to use his different faiths for assistance and help. One morning while on a ship heading to Canada to seek a better standard of living, Pi noticed the ship making weird noises and he tried waking up his family. Although, it was too late as water had already flooded the cabin. Pi was thrown into a lifeboat by Japanese crewmen, whom later tossed him life jackets and hurried him away into the abyss of the Pacific Ocean. While stranded on the boat Pi noticed he had company and this came in the form of wild animals. These animals consisted of a zebra, an orangutan, a tiger, and a hyena. Pi at this point was very scared, determined to die, and annoyed as the animals were acting crazy and acting aggressive. As his journey with these animals surpassed, Pi builds a raft that is connected to the boat in order to be secure and feel safe from the animals. While doing so, the hyena starts yelling at a high pitch voice and starts going crazy, Pi is worried and scared. Pi says, “God, give me the time” (Martel.53.150). Pi indicates that he wants God to take his life and Pi wants to die because there is no chance he would survive on the

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