Life Without Parole Is Not Enough Essay

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Life without parole is not enough to keep people safe from murderers. Some people are purely evil and if they are given the chance to kill again they will. Koch acknowledges, “A prisoner named Lemuel Smith, who, while serving four life sentences for murder (plus two life sentences for kidnapping and robbery) in New York 's Green Haven Prison, lured a woman corrections officer into the chaplain 's office and strangled her. He then mutilated and dismembered her body” (Koch 14). The example that Koch gives supports the theory that some people are just pure evil and deserve the death penalty because a life in a jail cell is nothing to them. Furthermore, if they can kill while in prison, then it is clear that it is not a good idea to abolish capital punishment. The people against the death penalty say that there is always a chance of error, which is true, but everything comes at a risk. If capital punishment is abolished altogether, then our country is basically giving murderers a free pass to kill. Then, once they are convicted, they get a place to sleep and food, and does not sound like a suitable punishment for a cold-blooded killer. Abolishing capital punishment will only lead to more innocent death at the hands of murderers who were given a slap on the wrist. Wesley Lowe, Retentionist scholar and advocate, points out, more innocent lives have been taken by convicted murderers than the supposedly 23 innocents mistakenly executed in this century. Also, thousands of American…

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