Life Styles Inventory Paper

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Life Styles Inventory
Results Paper

Part I: Personal Thinking Styles As revealed by my personal Life Styles Inventory (Figure 1), my primary thinking style and back-up thinking style were Conventional (4 o’clock position) and Affiliative (2 o’clock position) respectively. There are many ways in which both the Conventional thinking style and Affiliative thinking style manifest in my life and work, none of which were all that evident until I explored my personal Life Styles Inventory. As stated in the Life Styles Inventory, my primary thinking style, the Conventional Style “measures our tendency to act in a conforming way…representing a preoccupation with adhering to rules and established procedures, maintaining a low profile, and
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I am always setting goals and am cognizant of the measures in which I am obtaining within my work. Without setting standards of excellence through an Achievement-Oriented Style it would be close to impossible to be a truly effective manager in any position. One more personal thinking style that I feel is an important way in which I manage is my Affiliative Style of thinking. I believe managing through relationships is an essential way of getting effective results from your employees. However, as I mentioned before it is imperative not to let your relationships with co-workers get in the way of being equally effective. When employees see you as one of their own, respect and admiration is much easier to come by.
Part III: Genesis of Personal Styles I feel that it is almost impossible to fully determine how one has developed his or her own personal thinking styles as revealed in the Life Styles Inventory. There is no doubt that socio-economic conditions, religious affiliations, racial identification, and all other cultural aspects have played a large role in determining each individuals personal thinking styles. However, if I were to try to narrow it down to a few selected influences that helped shape my personal thinking styles, I would have to identify my family relationships and educational background as being most influential. I grew up in a rather progresses religious household that respected the traditions of our faith, but

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