Life Styles Inventory (Lsi) Survey Essay

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I GM591- LSI Survey

Life Styles Inventory (LSI) Survey

GM591 ACC_C Miles DVUC MNHTN Leadership and Organizational Behavior

July 22, 2011


This paper reviews Lifetime Inventory survey results. It is definitely the self discovery

tool that has revealed my primary and secondary thinking styles as well as my limiting

style that has a negative impact on my management style. It also gave me a feed back of

my management styles. It provides me with idea of how my personal thinking was

formed and what influence my family or culture or school
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For example, I had to train a new hired young lady on my team and I helped

her to improve the skills needed to perform the work task. With her enthusiasm and my supportive and encouraging style she become one of the top performers .After she was

rotated to a different team she sent me a thank you letter and said “you always will

be my lead”.

To my understanding a manager is a person who gets things done through

people working for him. Therefore planning, organizing, leading and controlling the

people is the key for overall success.

When I was pointed to perform the duties of a supervisor I was thrilled with

a new challenge. I decided to set goals and created a plan that would help the team for a

higher performance. I organized planning by meeting with each individual and helping

them find their strengths and weaknesses as I believe that helping each individual is

is the key for teams success and performance. I led the team by motivating them for hard

work and continued monitoring the performance. The results were obvious as we became

one of the top performing teams.

One of the most important things that would make me an effective manager

is the strong personal

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